Monday, May 24, 2010

upon this rock...

Man this weekend was ten times amazing... it was a mix of tie dying, photo taking, friendships,fellowship, amazing worship, amazing lessons, and dutch bros. Plenty of laughing and messing around and also plenty of crying and sacrificing to God. God taught me so much this weekend it was insane.

First off i loved seeing my two family's the two groups of people that mean the most to me California and my real blood family come together. They interacted and loved on each other like it was nothing and that was a huge encouragement in my own. God showed me how freaking blessed i am to have both families. With out God i would be no one. I have made a impact because of God. Because i let him control my life i have all these amazing friends and family that i could never trade for the world. These people have captured my heart and i see God in them so much and this weekend i got to enjoy all of them together. Talk about blessing. I praised God for them one night. Because not only has he used me to make a impact they have impacted me. Through there service and love. Through standing through there struggles through prayer they always build me up and most the time they dont even know it. This weekend it was a blessing to get to fellowship with some of the most amazing people i know. Thanks to god for Familys of all sort and love and connection that binds us together in him.
These are some of the few people i got to spend my times with..<3

Second isnt it amazing to experiance Gods creations. I got to take some amazing photos of smith rocks. Its amazing that just through his creation you can worship him. Like i look at creation and think man my God is good. As i was taking pics of GIANT gorgous rocks i stated thinking that Christ is my rock... God is so amazing. He keeps me strong and hold me up. The rock of my salvation.

Third i have realized that God.. even though it feels like it at times has not abandoned me!!! He is there he is setting my footsteps in place he has a plan for me and i need to start acting like i believe he can do things!!! Do i believe he has a will for me!? YES!

Fourth and definatly not last but the last point i will make here is that i have a mission here in redmond while i am here as well. I look at the two girls that i have been working working with and see so much potential in them. I know they are growing and studying and wanting more. They sit there and just read the bible and it amazes me cause they are so gorouges and could be doing so much more then that. They invite friends and they love on them. They love eachother and bond to make the sister connection like we should have in the church. They need a leader and i know God for now has called me to be there leader.. also there is so many opportunitys here to bring people to christ and god really opened my eyes to them. Gota love it
"Do what you can where you are with what you have!" Teddy Roosevelt

Thank you God for the amazing weekend. Now back to job hunting :)

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