Thursday, July 29, 2010


Live it!!

Day 16- write about something you want to do in the next 5 years

In the next 5 years i want to....

Explore the world with a open mind

Take a billion pictures and hang them all over my house or <3

I want to save a life.. i want to help someone anyway i can.

I will sit in wonder and awe of what Gods done for me. I want to live my life All FOR HIM! Which is hard!

Create my own masterpiece!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Glory of God is man fully alive!

SO its been far to long since i have blogged. Can you say about a month. I really need to stay caught up on this and start up with that blog challenge again. The truth is lately i have been really trying to live while i am here. I started to think about the meaning of life. Love God. Love people. I started to realized that i wasn't enjoying my life or the people around me i was stuck in a rut of wishing i knew what was next and wishing my life was better and hating it for being so miserable. So this past month i have taken a break and really tried to live my life... Gods glory is only revealed when we truly live our lives to the fullest. He can only work through us if we are happy with our lives and being with him in a relationship where ever we are.So as i sit here and eat chocolate chip pancakes and drink milk out of a whine glass i remember i am fully alive. I can smell summer in the air. Its a beautiful clear day with blue sky's. What are some of the things i have done to keep me "fully" alive you might ask.. let me tell you..

* I have enjoyed the sun, and our new kiddie pool, being outside and sucking in all of God creation while being comfortable in my skin in a swim suit hanging out.
* I have enjoyed starting a new bible study with the girls i love here in the youth group
* I have enjoyed smoothies in wine glasses and summer bbqs!
* I have enjoyed summer nights of fire pits, and cuddling with baby
* I have enjoyed community events and art shows
* I have enjoyed free books from the library and reading my first ever biography
* I have enjoyed old aurdey hepburn movies and the season finale of the hills ( yes i love that show)
* i have enjoyed fresh fruit from fruit stand
* I have enjoyed spoiling pay and mom by buying them the best birthday presents!
* I have enjoyed hugs and spending time with my best friend Chantz
* I have got to enjoy sister bonding time with Kourtney
* I have enjoyed running and playing basketball again with my bro and getting in shape all summer. Feels great.
* Ive enjoyed cuddling in a blanket on the trampoline and looking at the stars
* Ive enjoyed buying mom flowers and seeing her reaction
* Ive enjoyed my job and the blessing i have of holding a baby for hours at a time and loving on a 3 year old i am so blessed with that job.
* Ive enjoyed great music and drawing on the side walk in downtown Redmond
* Ive enjoyed free slurpie day
*Ive enjoyed skating and even tried long boarding agian
* Ive enjoyed photography
* Ive enjoyed getting ready to welcome a new baby cousin into this world
* Ive enjoyed pillow talk with my sister
* Ive enjoyed buying sweatshorts and being comfy
* Ive enjoyed wearing big sunglasses and driving
* Ive enjoyed Italian sodas from Dutch bros
*Ive enjoyed catching up with my best friend
*ive enjoyed loving on my church family that loved on my while in AIM
* Ive enjoyed receiving cool mixes and things in the mail.
*Ive enjoyed painting in the sun and drawing in the book
* Ive actually enjoyed missing cali and seeing what a blessing all those people are in my life...

There are many more things to enjoy. I have alot to look fw to this summer. Like this weekend is a girls get away to the coast! So stoked! Thank you God for the realization. Are you really alive? If not wake up and smell the fun in life :)

Day 15- Share a moment, phrase, or song that has changed your life the most

Hey guys. Sorry its been so long since i have blogged. Ive been oober busy with my new job,new friends, new bible studies, and figuring out what is next. Gods been working miracles here!!

The Phrase that comes to mind is "touch the untouchable" While taking biblical studies in Texas i took a class Luke and the life of Christ. Our teacher pat said the most profound amazing thing i have ever heard.. it was Jesus touched the untouchable.. so we really live and do this like we should? It made me wanna go give everyone a hug and love on them and touch them..I love this phrase cause so much of the world and people in just need a simple touch. I reassurance they are still Human and not monsters. A Reassurance that there is still a god there to take care of them.

This reminded me of a story from Canada that changed my life. As we are doing some biblical drama and acting this homeless guy just starts bawling and crying in front of our stage. He is completely drunk and oven taken by thoughts of killing his brother for who knows what reason. My heart hurts for this guy and Jordon and I sat and talked to him for at least a hour. Talked to him about Jesus and told him its not right to kill his brother. He told us how he does drugs, drinks, and other things. We hurt for him. Eventually the older missionary there comes and tells us we have to go back with out team but not before we give him a bible. They are use to seeing this scene a drunk in the park who will not remember a thing we said all cracked out. I refused to believe that's what he was.. as we headed back with out team i burst into tears. The world is hurting so bad. There are so many people like this and its cause Satan messed it all up. Can you imagine how Jesus feels for this guy. Its his Child he mourns for him. He asks his children to take care of him. Who else will show him Jesus? My team settles down to pray for him and pray for Canada and who shows up a hour later to pray with us.. the homeless man. We are all praying in a circle and he just takes my hand and starts praying!! I was amazing by God then. God really did touch him so much to where he came back and understood praying and what we were doing. I still pray for him. Who knows where he is today but we are called to be Jesus to EVERYONE!