Monday, May 24, 2010

Day one - Describe your guilty pleasures..

So along with my regular blogging i have decided to take on a blogging challenge. A whole month of blogging every day about the topic chosen. Todays topic is describe you guitly pleasures so here i go <3

*Gilmore girls ( i could watch this show for hours
*Nutella with peanut butter on a tortilla
*Keshas new album it makes me dance
*Driving with the windows down heater up and stereo full blast
*Love spell body lotion and spray
* Tan lines
* battle wounds from skating
* Face book photo comments/ wall posts
* free things
*buying shirts i have far to many of them
* editing/admiring photos
* laying in the sun reading a good book
* Starbucks passion tea
*Glamour magazine
*cliff bars for breakfast
* donkey kong

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