Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers day!!

Today is a day to celebrate moms.. now let me tell you.. my mom she is the freaking best!! Today mom i celebrate you.

<3 To the person who always was my biggest fan no matter what i wanted to do in my life.. through my little rocker stage.. to my photography stage.. to my missionary stage shes always been my number one cheer leader!

<3 ever since i have known her my mom has look age 29 young and beautiful! Thank god for the hope i have that i will forever stay young looking if i get her genes :) Everyone always says my mom is soo gorgeous.

<3 She has the most amazing and loud laugh i know but she always brings the happiness into the room

<3 I have seen her be strong and give up so much.. completely selfless. She has taught me to be humble and a servant. She has always been my strong hold.

<3 She makes the best Italian food ever.. what can i say we have Italian in our blood!

<3 Shes the only person who will sit down and watch chick flicks and eat Chinese with me on a Wednesday night :)

<3 She fights for what she wants.. and fights for whats best for her kids.

<3 I love how girly and adorable she is.. and the fact she has 3 tom boy girls.. she never got her girly girl though.. shes trying so hard with pay

<3 I love how she always as if i wish me and her were like the mom and daughter off of gilmore girls and i just laugh cause we pretty much are. We talk about everything

<3 Tis true as you get older you relize why your mom disciplined and gave the advice she did.

<3 Shes my hero. Always has been from the day she put an amazing barbie band aid on my first cut shes been the biggest super hero i have has since.

<3 She is a pro decorater and can turn the ugliest things into works of art. Ive learned all my art skills and artsy talents from her <3

<3 She wants me to pursue my passion and that is a big deal to have such great support.

<3 Shes always gave us the best.... even if it ment she got the bad end of the she would buy us hip new cloths and she would sacrifice and stay in her old ones.. I learned that its not about what you have.. its truly about how happy you are in life and what you appreciate.. not to mention i got a mad since of good style and vintage style :)

<3 Ill never forgot all the heart ache she has helped me through.. when your young and in
love and you get your heart broken i have learned moms are always the best person to confide.. my mom has the confidence like none other and its who i strive to be like.

<3 I love every little thing about her and am so blessed to call her my mother. I was formed in her womb by god.. and he has set a special connection with us forever. Thank you god for my mama! Shes the best blessing in my life <3

Love you mom

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