Thursday, April 29, 2010

Postive Change..

"A good storyteller speaks something into nothing. Where there is an absence of a story, or perhaps a bad story, a good storyteller walks in and changes reality. He doesn't critique the existing story, or lament about his boredom, like a critic. He just tells something different and invites other people into the new story he is telling." Donald Miller

Wheres my story going? Where is your story going? Is it worth living? Lately i have been so in the dumps and sad. Think its time to buck up a little. Put on my warn vans and a cute outfit and get out there and live life in the place i am now. I may not know what God has for me next but that doesnt mean while i am waiting i cant explore his creation and have a blast. God created us to have fun and have a spirit of joyfulness. Time for me to live that. Time for me to take out my camera and start taking some photos, time for me to hike smith rocks and the butte, time for me to enjoy the river, time for me to love on my family, and time for me to practice my social skills and get out and meet new people until i know what is next. <3>Hebrews 11:40

“I don’t know what I want to do with my life, I just know I want to do it. I want to see the world. I want to meet every single person breathing on this earth. I want to give everyone a hug or a handshake and I want to make someone’s life a little easier. I want to be different than the people I know because that’s what makes us beautiful. I want to be absolutely ridiculous before I die. I don’t want regrets. I want to stand for something.”

I may mess up and get down sometimes. I may be afraid or scared but i know God has amazing places for my feet to go. Remind me that when i need it??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ring a ling!

Isnt it amazing how one phone call can just make your day. Today i saw Tim Coupe was calling.. i answered and all he said was i love you i miss you bye... Two simple phrases but they make a persons day :) Thanks Tim for making my day!!! My goal for this week... make at least 3 people have a wonderful day but whispering little words of love to them!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes." ~e.e. cummings

so today is earth day and isn't our earth freaking amazing!! I have been blessed so much to see all the beauty i have seen! So on this wonderful earth day i want to reflect a little on the things i have seen....Let the list begin :)

1. Rockie mountains... beautiful green. huge. Im like a tiny bug compared to them and they hold some of the most amazing wild life.
2. The Oregon coast.. nuthing like cannon beach and all the crazy sea caves and sea lions.
3. Clear blue ocean in Hawaii.. let me tell you high surf is a bit crazy but its gorgeous
4. Waterfalls. Enough said.. ive been seeing those since i was little and little did i know those pretty waterfalls were not the same thing as the dino pee going down the mountain in my imagination :)
5. Rivers... they are all different and the best for swimming and floating.
6. meteor showers best when shared with friend out on the river late late at night
7. Cliffs.. they are a blast to jump into rivers off of..
8. Tahoe lake... best memories of sitting on the dock watching the sun go down and then sitting there in good company just being lazy and talking after a long day
9. Lava tubes.. Cold but amazing experiance
10. A field of corn.. yeah sounds childish but corn mazes have some fond memories in my opinion. Always reminds me of fall.
11. This is man made but.. God let it be put on the earth and that is the golden gate bridge aw!!!!! Amazing!
12. Texas sunsets are the best.. and star gazing. Man God is good :)
13. Flowers.. they are all so wonderful in all there different colors and smells

Im sure i can think of many more but these are a few..

Resolution to help my earth this year... Use a recycled water bottle dont buy the plastic kind :) Got mine for REI and im ready to use it. <3 Have a splendid day

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rocking with the sickness..

After a very long morning of fighting with my body and saying i was fine i declared today a sick day. God must have known i needed rest and now stress for a day cause i woke up this morning with a headache and sore body and throat. Now for a while i assumed this ruined my day cause i needed to do more applying for college and filling out scholarships and looking for jobs and yadyada... but in fact this day was restful and so nice. I decided to take it as a blessing and rest up. Get out my new read from the library. Finish my new read. Take a long bath. Relax listening to rain and birds chirping. Nap. Green tea with strawberries and now just catching up on a blog. Today has also been a blessing cuddling with my pretty kitty and now at this very second sitting cuddled in blankets watching Tinkerbell( MAGICAL!) With my sister and writing. So to be honest im quite content on how this day played out and Thank God for it.... Ill never forget my coordinator eli told me one time he thinks Our bodys are ment to tell us when we just need to rest and get better. Its gods little way of saying slow down. So... I slowed down today and loved it..

In other news..
Looking into online classes and still job searching be praying for both those

Got asked to photography my aunts baby shower and baby birth and i am totally stoked about it. She even said she loved my work and called me professional. Score! So what if shes family lol.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Take me to never never land..

So i have been thinking alot about whats next. I am really starting to get depressed about it. I dont exactly know what i want to do since Aim is done. Its almost like AIM although i learned alot from it just left me heartbroken. I miss Cali like crazy and going back made it worse i feel like they need me. Yeah i can go back but is that truly the direction i want to go. Where do i want to go to school? Whats next? Have a job yet? Are you staying here? Are questions i get asked all the time. All i can say is i dont know ive been searching for work but no luck yet. It sucks to not have any direction at all. I have two things i really want to pursue and that is Early elm Ed. and photography. Can i do schooling for both of those? Im so lost in what school to even begin choosing from. As i have said i dont want to grow up quite yet. Do i have to? ha. When my heart is still hurting cause cali got ripped away its hard to figure out what is next. Ive been praying alot latly. Guess he is just teaching me to be patient and enjoy what i have and the free time. I am to delight myself in him and he will give me the desires of my heart. How do i go about doing that? Am i always focused on him even when i have nuthing at all to do? So pretty much on my heart right now is direction.. whats next.. the more i think about it the more i wish peter pan and never land existed..
The end.

Ps. Anyone have any good photography schools?

I am really feeling these...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Enjoy the little things..

"enjoy the little things"

While being in California.. i remembered i really needed to enjoy the little things :)
Such as California Chicken salad days with kira!
Taking a million pics!
Slurpee dates with David!
Tims pick me up hugs!
The smell of wet pavement after the rain!
Talking about God till who knows when at night!
Rolling down the windows turning up the heater and blasting 3 oh 3!
Making the ugliest colored eater eggs ever but having fun doing it!
Sitting in petes pub enjoying life!
The sun coming out after the rain!

Never Forget to enjoy the little things. Its a rule that can get you through life :)
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