Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chocolate soy milk in wine glasses

I love the days when you wake up and realize you don't work and you really don't feel well enough to go socialize and you just want to stay in bed all day and catch up on life and dream all day. Today that is exactly what im doing. God gave me this wonderful day of rest and fun and relaxing. I have time to catch up on this blog, to cook, and to organize and clean some stuff that i haven't been able to clean for a while.. To do some laundry, fix up my resume, drink chocolate soy milk in my new whine glasses i got for my bday and watch some Halloween movies! Not to mention while enjoying doing all that I'm giving my body the rest it needs it seems to be fighting off a lot of sickness and infection lately. Thank God for lazy days.
So whats on my mind today?
*I need to catch up on my bible reading. mmm mmm Good. Why do i stop reading this book sometimes. Its why my life crashes around me i forget to put god first!
*Time to set some fall goals. What shall they be?
*I need to move past some things to be happy in my life. Am i confident enough to do that?
* I forgot how much i love avocados!
* Time to spruce up my resume for job hunting this next week!!
*Gods providing.
*I want to start volunteering again. I miss helping others!
*Stoked about it being fall.. i need to get some new boots though.. Oh and i can bring out my scarfs and hats and jackets that i love! <3

That is just a small amount of things that are on my brain. What will come of them. Ill let you know. Take a day and dream and think about your life. Its amazing. A day of rest i call it. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

New life experiance

So who knew that a night of hanging out with the besty would turn into trouble. Trouble that i have never been in and now i feel like i have a new life experiences... It all started when i picked up chantz for a nice hang out he needed to get out of the house... we went to dutchbros and hung out in the park for a bit looking at stars and enjoying life. Well anyone who knows me knows i have the bladder the size of a peanut so of course a whole vanilla red bull was gunna go right through me. I had to pee and fast.. So i went to the out house( yes i know nasty) and by this time it was dark so we shined a phone light to see if the seat was at least clean and come to find out.. there is poo all over it! So.. we go to the car to head out to find another out house... We end up at umatilla park. I go pee and hop back int he car.. and start talking.. then out of no where a cop shows up with his lights behind my parked car and says we are trespassing that no where in Redmond can you be in a park or school at night and we can get in big trouble...well cops scare me so bad and i hate being in trouble.. i like a clean record.. i dont even speed!! I prob had the most terrified look on my face when he asked to see all my id and registration to the car and stuff.. Goodness. I was just going pee! So then he takes at least 10 or 15 mins running my stuff and then makes us get out of the car and searches my car! I was like seriously.. haha. Turns out theres nuthing in my car and i was telling the truth i was just peeing! lol He gave us a warning and said next time your in the park at night i can arrest you on trespassing.. Can you say scary night.. thats a new experience.. and me being paranoid thought a warning went on my record forever and i was all upset haha.. but today i am good and what a new experience lol.,

In other news..
My ipod that died on me has decided to come back to life with the help of chantz! 300 Dollars less i have to put into a new ipod!
I turn 22 in 2 days!
My daddy has court today! Pray for him. He needs all the support he can get. Hes scared.
Its sunny and 80 here! YAY!
Halloween season is on its way! yes im already trying on costumes!! Check these lady gaga glasses out!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important—you know.

- marilyn monroe.

Cry baby

So yesterday morning as i was updating my ipod and getting ready for work i literally had a mental break down. Funny that i mentioned life couldn't get any worse and then right in my hands my ipod just breaks. It will not turn on... ive tried resetting it and everything. So to add to the bad month.. I get dumped. But a grand into my car and its still broke. and my ipod is fired and i have no money for a new one.... i know this sounds oh so silly but its been rough month trying to figure stuff out.

So i woke up this morning realizing a few things

- First off i always feel better after a long cry and then some good company. Sometimes you just have to let it out
- Second that i am truly blessed with oodles of friends that love me and want the best for me and that is all i need
-Third not having a ipod for a while will let me pull out those vintage cds no one uses now adays :)
- and last.those moments where i feel like everything in my life is turning to crap, help make me appreciate all the happier moments of my life. the crappy moments offer balance, and i'm just really thankful for those crappy moments, too, if that makes sense. because they make the good moments that much better.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is here!

Today is the first day of fall :)
What do i love about this season?
-Carmel apples!
-Hoodie wearing!
- Dancing in the rain!
-Jumping in leaves!
-All the beautiful colors of fall!
-Corn mazes and pumpkin carving!
-Halloween the best holiday ever!
-Haunted house and horror movies
-Pumpkin patches and skinny jeans


Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 19- describe a passage from a book that has touched you!

"There is something beautiful about a billion stars held steady by a God who knows what He is doing. (They hang there, the stars, like notes on a page of music, free-form verse, silent mysteries swirling in the blue like jazz.) And as I lay there, it occurred to me that God is up there somewhere. Of course, I had always known He was, but this time I felt it, I realized it, the way a person realizes they are hungry or thirsty. The knowledge of God seeped out of my brain and into my heart. I imagined Him looking down on this earth, half angry because His beloved mankind had cheated on Him, had committed adultery, and yet hopelessly in love with her, drunk with love for her."
Donald Miller

This touched me cause i have felt God work through my heart so much. Whether he was providing or taking away to make me trust in him more i see him everywhere and i praise him that i know him and that his knowledge flows out of my pores! Hes shown himself in the stars alot of times and God loves me unconditionally. Thats my God :)

Happy Monday!

Last week,
My car had to be towed from bend and all my savings seems like went
into that silly car.
I had tummy aches all week.
Summer is literally fluttering away and my tan is going away.
Ive been so stressed trying to find myself and my passions again.
Ive also been stressed finding direction.
However i know i shouldn't be complaining at least i have a house and food and people that love me.
But lets just say last week was a rough week.
So last night as i was crawling into bed after an amazing night of watching rain and clouds and dancing and eating chips and salsa i decided i was stoked for Monday! Its a new week and a
new beginning. A fresh start.

New week! Fresh start! Time to make this week all its suppose to be :)
Happy Monday!

What are a few things that will make this Monday great?
*catching up on this blog <3 * Coffee with good friends * the fact that its so sunny out :) *knowing i have a family that loves me! * Morning walk*owl city in the morning
* the thought of the wonderful yesterday