Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love list

Today i love...

1. The sunshine! Brings me happiness.
2. The fact i am confident in Christ.
3. I get to put on fresh clean smelling cloths from the dryer today <3
4. I get to hang out with hands for God team today.
5.Im up early enough to with paityn a wonderful day at school.
6. Celebrated Kyle Holcombs 22nd yesterday and got to give him the coolest present i have ever made.. which he loves <3
7.Red bull with flavoring is so genious.
8.The fact that there is a good show tonight with good music and people and then i can come home and watch my fav show.

Aw Life is good..

In other news...
Still looking for a job... Job hunting hardcore tomorrow once again :)
Planning on staying in central Oregon for the summer. Should be fun
I need to get my junker car fixed but for now have no money!!

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