Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just let go!

Everyone has talents. We are each blessed with amazing things we can do. Some people are good at art. Some at teaching. Some at music. Some mentoring. Some at mechanics. Some at photography.Some at writing. Some at sharing. Some at servant hood. The list goes one.. Whats you talent? I think we truly need to embrace it. You cant get rid of it its your talent.

"And it is he who gifted some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be evangelists, and still others to be pastors and teachers," Eph 4:11

Last night i went to a hand for God show.For those of you who don't know hands for God is a drama/puppet team who steps out and share the word with the world. They take a step and they are just high schoolers. I use to be part of the first hands for Gods team and it was there i realized i had a passion and talent for ministry. God really opened my eyes to the hurting world on that team. So i went on to get a degree in missions through AIM which was the most amazing experience of my life! But what do you do next?! After you have the degree?!

I looked around at the kids performing there dramas with all there hearts. One really struck me.. it was a song let go by red... in the scene they have Satan telling the girl to let go of God. I feel like since i have left Aim that is what Satans been telling me. LET GO! Hes not doing anything for you he took cali away from you.. i realized and praised God that i have held on for so long. He has big plans :) These kids know he has a plan for them.. how could i forget he had one for me?? I stood there watching and a tear fell from my eyes when i began to remember my hurting Cali people. All the people God has sired on my heart. They will always be there.. my youth.. my girls.. my homeless guys.. and my second family there...Ministry is what i was made for. Its what makes me happy. Its my passion. Its what i am good at. I don't have it all together but God has told me hey you have a calling.. its kinda still like what is next?! Ok done babbling ha..

I want to give a special thanks and encouragement to the Hands for God team while i can on here and while they are on my heart. I was on the first team and they have come a long way since then. I want to thank those kids for taking such a big stand. I know how hard it is and to see them jump at the chance to share. To stand there not afraid and shout it at the top of there lungs that they are Gods children. They literally scream God is alive with there lives and there actions. Watching them perform you can just see Christ in there attitude. The Girls smile and you see Christ in the smiles. The guys belt out and speak scripture and you can feel his power! Aw its soo inspiring. They work so hard and barly get any credit but God cheering them on and that is all they need. There director is ten times amazing. She is beautiful inside and out. She is what saved me plenty of times and brought me back to level with God. She is a mom to every single one of them and loves them all for who they are. She knows she was called from God and pushes on even though shes had man obstacles to go over. She is ultimately my hero. This team is making a bigger stand then most of our youth groups and church's today. They are making a bigger impact then they even know. Guys i want to tell you hand for god team cherish your time. Open your eyes to God. He will show you greatness. The first time i opened my eyes to him on the team i was ministering to a homeless man. He was drunk and drugged out and prob wont even remember a word i was saying but ill never forget the lostness in his eyes. After he left i broke down. God showed me how hurt this world was and we started praying for him and he walks over and just takes mine and Jordon hands and starts praying with us.. i had a revelation of seeing people through Christ's eyes. I know God has that opportunity for all of you to experience while you on the team this summer. Open your eyes. Lean on each other let me tell you its so worth it. Dont LET GO. Keep Focused. I know it sucks sometimes but you all are doing an amazing Job. Man God is working through you and im so proud of you guys. You guys have some amazing power do not fear.. he is with you.. and we are all praying for you. I know this isn't much but as an ex puppeteer or however you would say, this specific team has inspired me. I just got out of missionary school and have been lost at what to do next for months. I wanted to give up so bad and let go. Watching you guys perform with such compassion, love, and strength in each other Gave me hope. Made me realize my purpose. You guys showed a sister Christ and i thank you for that. You guys.. are my heroes as well. Never forget you guys are peoples HEROS!! Gods heros to.. for showing his love to the world. Now get out there the world is your stage and you got a special message that the world needs. You guys got a strength like i haven't seen. :) Use it. I love you guys.

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." 1 tim 4:12
- From one missionary to the team of young missionarys take it to heart.

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