Thursday, May 27, 2010

RIP jeff

A year ago today i heard the news.. one of bend finest killed in a drunk driving accident. He was the driver... he was not normally the type to drink and drive but one mistake and it lead to his death. after a long grueling hospital stay he passed away a year ago. He left behind and amazing family including a 12 year old sister that looked up to him, a beautiful girlfriend who still hurts today, and a group of friend that will always remember him and now hold it in there hearts that life is short and one mistake is all it takes. Today i want to remember him. Remember his life and how full and rich it was. Remember that life is short and we must live it to its fullest. Also we can waste time. Time is limited. How are we living out life? That is at least what jeff's death taught me while i was on my field.

Here is a letter his 12 year old sis wrote to him after he died....
Jeff was a amazing person, an amazing brother to me. I can never get over the fact that hes gone so many words I can say to describe him. He was always the person I could look up to, now to look up to him I look up to the sky. May-26-2009 was the worst day of my life I always repeat in my head my mom telling me that hes not going to make it. Every single day I think about him, the way he talked, the way looked. Why did he have to leave? Ive never experienced losing someone and if I did I never thought I would lose him. He always picked me up and spinned me and I would laugh and laugh..The weekend before he died he did it one last time and got as many hugs out of me as possible. My heart feels like its not in me anymore like it dosent beat or anything its justs gone. We were really close for a brother and sister I always loved seeing him walk through the door when he would visit and it hurts to know he never will again. Nobody will never know how I feel Jeff was so different from everyone else so important to me. I still cant believe im getting through everyday without breaking down. But jeff would get mad to see me crying all the time he would do whatever to get me to smile. I wish i would of told him everything possible to say and mostly that "I love him"I know i have a guardian angel no doubt about it.When I think about him and how great he was I smile. Im am living for myself of course but Im mostly living for Jeffry because he dosent get to anymore. I am going to live my life the way Jeff would of wanted me to. I will never be okay but in Jeffs sake I will try to be:)

Lets try and live life to the fullest. Memorial on Saturday and sawyer park.. bring a balloon and write a message to Jeff in heaven on it. Drunk driving is serious. Life is short.

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