Monday, May 17, 2010


So last night we had an amazing lightening storm. As i stared out the window i could see lightening and in the sky right next to the lightening i saw the moon. I thought how completely amazing. So i dont know why all these cool ideas come to me while looking at the sky and observing Gods creation but they do. Right now Ive decided i am pretty content for the next month at so with where god put me. I mean i know he will provide a job if he wants me to have one and right now i can enjoy this time with my family and the time where i have so many possibility and should love the chances for all new adventures. Im growing up but i need to be content with all the options God has given me and truly have Hope he will come through for me. I also need to be ready to jump at any chance he gives me.. Which could be something crazy and scary. Im ready for the challenge. As much as id love to stay the immature little rocker girl i have to grow up sometime. So right now i am going to enjoy every minute i have here in oregon to the hilt. Im gunna love reading library books with pay and cuddling to our favorite story. Im gunna love mine and kourts crazy adventures to dutch bros and whatever else we can do to get into trouble. Im gunna love having my mom near me and having girls nights and talking about everything. She is who got me to were i am. she is the reason ive suceded so much. Im gunna love the sunshine and floating the river. The lightening storms and the amazing chance for photography here. Im gunna love having coffee with my old friends and bible studys. Im gunna love going to shows and seeing all the people ive missed for so many years. Im gunna love spending time with my little brothers and sisters. I gota love life and be content and then god will show me where to go next. Life is a grand adventure!..

"Do what you can, Where you are, With what you have:- Teddy roosevelt

Later news ive seen this wonderful blog idea and i will be a bit behind but id love to start it.. Its something new each day to blog about and its truly about finding yourself and even thought i wasnt invted to take the challenge i truly think i will sounds fun :)

I am job hunting at the moment. 30 resumes/apps later blah.

I get to see my AMAZING cali girls and second dad this weekend totally stoked. 200 pics to come <3

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