Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 14- tell a memory that still makes you laugh today.

I have got to say this is a really hard question once again. I have so many memory's to relive... So i will tell you a couple..

Number one was when Fallon and I were little we always went on such random little endeavors one day we decided to go out side and make paper mache casts ya know for like broken bones!? Yeah we were little tom boys and thought it would be cool to fake a broken bone.. well turns out the paper mache didnt look like a cast and dried and stuck to our arm hairs we had to rip them out.. ha we still laugh about this story

Number to is a recent one and it has to do with my best friend Kyle Holcomb laying on my bed with me and my sister.. he said something witty and i was offended ha so i elbowed him inthe gut.. turns out i elbowed him so hard he farted! Hes like dude you elbowed me so hard i farted!! So funny


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