Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lets get oregonized!!!

So i feel like my blog has been over run with the blog challenge and there has been nuthing written about whats inspiring me lately or whats been happening in my life...

Latly i have been so blessed to be home in oregon! <3

Whats life here in oregon for now consist of..
*A new nanny job. <3 I get now to watch these to amazingly adorable and loving kids for a christian family. Can you say God given job i do believe so!
*Fun times with family including balloons over bend and late night concerts
*Sister connecting we are becoming oh so close!
*New baby cousin on the way!!
*Summer bbqs and trips to the coast!
*ever so famous dutch bros red bull with flavor infusions
*Strawberry madness <3
* Big sunglasses,Tank tops, And driving with the windows down while cranking devil wears prada
*old Audrey Hepburn movie nights
* good sunny day reading
* floating of the river
*munch in music

Oooo the list goes on! You can say i am content with where God has put me this summer <3

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