Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 12- write about your favorite music artists life story

Can i first say this was extremely hard to come up with who was my favorite artist. There is so many out there and so many i love. Music is so hard to distinguish for me cause i love it all. God blessed us when he put music in the world. I picked Haley Williams who is the lead singer of Paramore cause i believe her music is immensely amazing and her attitude and modesty are all things to love and be looked up to.

Here's some of her story....

-She was born in Mississippi on December 27 1988( the same year as me!)
-Her eyes are green
- At first she was very shy and suffered from stage frieght
- She came across to brothers in highschool who had a band and she and another joined and started the band which is now paramore and ever so famous
-She loves horror movies <3
- She is a christian girl
-Her and her band won a Grammy
- her and her sister love song writing!
-Shes fun and energetic always off and on
- She and he band show true strength when they can survive a break up of two member in the band

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