Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking up..

So i was gone all weekend and its been a while since i have actually been able to have some time to blog. Yesterday after a long weekend i spent all day doing laundry and cleaning and photo editing. I am happy to say they turned out good and i am still working on some of the photos. I was completely content yesterday with laying in bed editing photos, folding laundry, a long shower, and ice cream social with the family.

Life's been picking up a lot lately. Ive been getting some job interviews and i am praying for a good summer job. After summer we will see whats next but i am just living a day at a time. So far i have some interviews for nanny jobs which would be my dream job, macys, and target. We will see where God leads. I praise him for opportunity! I also have some good opportunity to do some photo stuff so i am completely stoked.

As far as this weekend goes it was the best get away. The last trip i may be able to spend with my family and so i took advantage. Man isn't the Oregon coast the most beautiful place in the world. Its my heaven on earth. This weekend consisted of the ocean and a million pictures,boarding, sunshine, t-shirts, bbq's, junk food, salt water taffy, cuddling baby, good surf movies, and getting in contact with some old friends. I loved my life this weekend. perfect family bonding time and laughing extravaganzas! Thanks Jeff for the wonderful weekend of fun!!

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