Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chocolate soy milk in wine glasses

I love the days when you wake up and realize you don't work and you really don't feel well enough to go socialize and you just want to stay in bed all day and catch up on life and dream all day. Today that is exactly what im doing. God gave me this wonderful day of rest and fun and relaxing. I have time to catch up on this blog, to cook, and to organize and clean some stuff that i haven't been able to clean for a while.. To do some laundry, fix up my resume, drink chocolate soy milk in my new whine glasses i got for my bday and watch some Halloween movies! Not to mention while enjoying doing all that I'm giving my body the rest it needs it seems to be fighting off a lot of sickness and infection lately. Thank God for lazy days.
So whats on my mind today?
*I need to catch up on my bible reading. mmm mmm Good. Why do i stop reading this book sometimes. Its why my life crashes around me i forget to put god first!
*Time to set some fall goals. What shall they be?
*I need to move past some things to be happy in my life. Am i confident enough to do that?
* I forgot how much i love avocados!
* Time to spruce up my resume for job hunting this next week!!
*Gods providing.
*I want to start volunteering again. I miss helping others!
*Stoked about it being fall.. i need to get some new boots though.. Oh and i can bring out my scarfs and hats and jackets that i love! <3

That is just a small amount of things that are on my brain. What will come of them. Ill let you know. Take a day and dream and think about your life. Its amazing. A day of rest i call it. :)

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