Friday, September 24, 2010

Cry baby

So yesterday morning as i was updating my ipod and getting ready for work i literally had a mental break down. Funny that i mentioned life couldn't get any worse and then right in my hands my ipod just breaks. It will not turn on... ive tried resetting it and everything. So to add to the bad month.. I get dumped. But a grand into my car and its still broke. and my ipod is fired and i have no money for a new one.... i know this sounds oh so silly but its been rough month trying to figure stuff out.

So i woke up this morning realizing a few things

- First off i always feel better after a long cry and then some good company. Sometimes you just have to let it out
- Second that i am truly blessed with oodles of friends that love me and want the best for me and that is all i need
-Third not having a ipod for a while will let me pull out those vintage cds no one uses now adays :)
- and last.those moments where i feel like everything in my life is turning to crap, help make me appreciate all the happier moments of my life. the crappy moments offer balance, and i'm just really thankful for those crappy moments, too, if that makes sense. because they make the good moments that much better.

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