Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday!

Last week,
My car had to be towed from bend and all my savings seems like went
into that silly car.
I had tummy aches all week.
Summer is literally fluttering away and my tan is going away.
Ive been so stressed trying to find myself and my passions again.
Ive also been stressed finding direction.
However i know i shouldn't be complaining at least i have a house and food and people that love me.
But lets just say last week was a rough week.
So last night as i was crawling into bed after an amazing night of watching rain and clouds and dancing and eating chips and salsa i decided i was stoked for Monday! Its a new week and a
new beginning. A fresh start.

New week! Fresh start! Time to make this week all its suppose to be :)
Happy Monday!

What are a few things that will make this Monday great?
*catching up on this blog <3 * Coffee with good friends * the fact that its so sunny out :) *knowing i have a family that loves me! * Morning walk*owl city in the morning
* the thought of the wonderful yesterday

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