Friday, April 16, 2010

Take me to never never land..

So i have been thinking alot about whats next. I am really starting to get depressed about it. I dont exactly know what i want to do since Aim is done. Its almost like AIM although i learned alot from it just left me heartbroken. I miss Cali like crazy and going back made it worse i feel like they need me. Yeah i can go back but is that truly the direction i want to go. Where do i want to go to school? Whats next? Have a job yet? Are you staying here? Are questions i get asked all the time. All i can say is i dont know ive been searching for work but no luck yet. It sucks to not have any direction at all. I have two things i really want to pursue and that is Early elm Ed. and photography. Can i do schooling for both of those? Im so lost in what school to even begin choosing from. As i have said i dont want to grow up quite yet. Do i have to? ha. When my heart is still hurting cause cali got ripped away its hard to figure out what is next. Ive been praying alot latly. Guess he is just teaching me to be patient and enjoy what i have and the free time. I am to delight myself in him and he will give me the desires of my heart. How do i go about doing that? Am i always focused on him even when i have nuthing at all to do? So pretty much on my heart right now is direction.. whats next.. the more i think about it the more i wish peter pan and never land existed..
The end.

Ps. Anyone have any good photography schools?

I am really feeling these...

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