Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rocking with the sickness..

After a very long morning of fighting with my body and saying i was fine i declared today a sick day. God must have known i needed rest and now stress for a day cause i woke up this morning with a headache and sore body and throat. Now for a while i assumed this ruined my day cause i needed to do more applying for college and filling out scholarships and looking for jobs and yadyada... but in fact this day was restful and so nice. I decided to take it as a blessing and rest up. Get out my new read from the library. Finish my new read. Take a long bath. Relax listening to rain and birds chirping. Nap. Green tea with strawberries and now just catching up on a blog. Today has also been a blessing cuddling with my pretty kitty and now at this very second sitting cuddled in blankets watching Tinkerbell( MAGICAL!) With my sister and writing. So to be honest im quite content on how this day played out and Thank God for it.... Ill never forget my coordinator eli told me one time he thinks Our bodys are ment to tell us when we just need to rest and get better. Its gods little way of saying slow down. So... I slowed down today and loved it..

In other news..
Looking into online classes and still job searching be praying for both those

Got asked to photography my aunts baby shower and baby birth and i am totally stoked about it. She even said she loved my work and called me professional. Score! So what if shes family lol.

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