Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today is a perfect day for a perfect day.

So i have been really down lately. As much as i wanted to live life and feel all good and alive again a lot has happened lately that made my life feel a little bit less then perfect. I feel like ive lost alot of friends latly and heard alot of things about the people i have surrounded myself with that are not good. Today however i have decided to cheer up and have the perfect day. I shouldn't let those things get me today i went to church and had an amazing time singing and talking to old friends, then i went grocery shopping in which i was stoked to get some red bull for this upcoming week. After this i came home to eat some Delicious sweet potato fries. and now im curled up in my sweats and watching old audrey hepburn films and sketching <3 what a great Sunday!! :) Whats ahead this week? Turn in all my college fafsa apps. Call my insurances cause i qualified for Oregon health care woot woot! Watch my lovely boys all week and try and spend some time with some quality people. :) Ill tell you how it goes.

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