Sunday, March 28, 2010

My adventure begins..

So tomorrow i am stoked to say i get to back to cali for some joyful events such as a wedding and my sister kira bday :) Its going to be a good week to check up on everyone and love on them. <3 I cant wait. Its all that is on my mind. Pray for safe travels and that my little junker jeep will make it...

Things to do while in Cali this week
1. Exhaust my Camera take at least a 1000 picks.. of people places and things
2.Eat California chicken salad with green tea once agian :)
3. Go to the bistro to enjoy some chai and time with people and who could forget how amazing the art is :)
4. Cuddle with baby kaya
5. Get grin printed on my skate deck
6. Love on everyone there <3 Be expecting a ton of love
7. Go to the river
8. act like a crazy child down town and then go to petes pizza with kira and chill :)
9. Cherish my time there. 10. Hike the miners trail i have no done that yet! I can do it!!! :)
10. go to my fav art store and get some projects started!! :)

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