Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Things are a lot more gorgeous though the eyes of the lord. I truly saw this in California. Through Gods perspective he sees that beautiful little homeless girl as a gift from above. That girl is someday going to do big things. He has a plan for her. You can see in her beautiful eyes she was the Lords and he was there with her. In those eyes there is hope and and a fire burning in her. In Gods eyes the world is beautiful. The mountains covered in trees, to the river and rapids and giant rock formations. In cali he has but amazing sunsets and amazing spots to view the stars and moon sitting on rocks hearing the river right beside you. He sees it as a wonderful adventure land and hopes we have a blast living there. He made all the beauty just for us. In gods eyes he sees that hurting brother. The one addicted to drugs and trying. As much as God is denied he still has hope in the soul. How amazing is that? Do we see them that way or do we see them as a lost hope? God sees the simple things in life. He loves to see his children laughing and skating in the church parking lot. He also loves to see them having fun with music and activity's he put the earth here to enjoy. He love to see people living there life even in a troubled time. Gah its amazing what God sees... He see any friendship as a opportunity to help someone. He sees each soul as a individual and he needs each of those souls. We all have a piece of God in us. He sees service as a way to show himself. Its crazy how he shines through peoples smiles. How you can just feel his presence in people and how that can change a whole perspective on life. Its amazing how he uses his people as leaders to show others to him and then the process begins agian and there he is using the next person. Its crazy to me how beaitful the world is through the eyes of God. To here his youth all in one room and here them all worship God with power and all there might. To take time off of there busy lives and join together and here them sing. How powerful. Each of them have a purpose and its a blessing to see that. He sees that tear falling from your eyes cause your so proud of them and he said YES my children made a impact on them. I love life. I love what i see. God is good :)

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