Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some of my fondest memories are from the homeless meals so there will be a lot of stories from those. My first story from the homeless meal is based around a little girl. She had huge blue eyes and scraggly blond hair. She was about 6. She was running around playing with her brother. I wondered were she had come from i hadn't seen them before. As we gathered the homeless in a circle to help meet there physical needs with cloths and stuff we started asking who needed what. I asked who needed socks and the little girl walked up and asked if she could have some for her and her brother. I handed her to bags and watched as she joyfully went back to her seat with the excitement of a child when they open an amazing present on Christmas. Here and her brother in enthusiasm, excitement, and awe held the socks like they were the best present on earth. I smiled at her and then thought of how blessed i truly was. How many kids to i actually know that would be excited to receive a pair of socks. None in my book. This little girl had true beauty of appreciation. I saw her every few weeks at this meal. We then started having the meals 2 times a week. I saw her on a Tuesday. I was sitting handing out sweets to the homeless as i admired the adorable little girl. I glanced over and saw her guardian.. not sure to this day if it was her mom or her grandma but none the less she took care of this girl. Her guardian was over in the corner talking to the lead guy of the homeless meal. I over heard her speaking of putting the two kids into the system. I looked over to see where the little girl had gone. She had wondered into all the old cloths and found a torn up dress and high heals. Hear eyes just glowed. She was a princess in that dress. The prettiest girl on earth. God little princess who didn't know any better but living on the streets. A tear ran down my face thinking that little girl has no clue what is going to happen to her next. She was content with where she was that little princess. I wish i had a camera to take a picture at the very second and capture this memory those eyes i will never forget. She is so precious to God and she is his princess no matter what any one says. Gods little street princess in rags. She was the most pretty girl i had ever seen cause i could see her heart at only age 6. This was one of the prettiest things i had ever seen in my life.

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