Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'll take this Cali sunrise with me and wake up with the fondest memories

Who would have thought a year being in Cali would change my life and heart forever. For those of you who don't know me I am Ashley Rector and just got out of a program called AIM (adventures in missions). I am 21 years old and got chosen to go to California for a year and a half to work with the church down there. Little did i know this experience would change my life forever and open my eyes to things i have never seen and feeling i have never experienced. My heart misses it so much. I just want to be with them even though i know God has other plans as well for me we will see were they lead me. Through this blog i will show and tell how important Cali was to me through photography, writing , art, and songs. I have amazing memories that will be shared through this blog from meteor showers and the beautiful river to dieing homeless men and women with no hope in which we give them hope. From drug addicts breaking down and finally getting there life together to laughter of youth and many bonds that can never be broken. From death to beauitful new life. From tragedy to joy.This blog will have many crazy sad stories and many joyful stories. I hope to portray all my time in California. This blog can not tell all i have learned, seen, or experienced but i want to thanks everyone who helped me go to California and work there by this collection of blogs. I love you California i will return to you some day. Smile when you think of me. You changed me life.

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