Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ginger bread fun

So its officially a down pour of snow here in Oregon. Which means a lazy night at home read, enjoying vanilla cinnamon tea, Christmas movies and catching up on shows, and holiday tradtions like gingerbread cookies (skelton style this year :) )and making ornaments outta puffy paint and foam and watching the grinch.
Things im addicted to this season:
1)Skelington Ginger bread man cookies
2) Dexter and the walking dead.. these show rattles my brain
3) The carpenters Christmas album
4) Cinnamon candles and tea
5) Reading till late hours of the night
6) Making snow angels
7) Pillow top mattresses
8) Any concerts that include mosh pits and screaming
9) Free movies from the library especially our Christmas favorites
10) Hot tubing
11) Chantz hugs
12)Gauges and anything zebra print
13)sweet potatoe fries
14) Carters smiles and laughs
15) Nightmare before christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

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